I give 100% at work, still… Why?

Ritu Bihani Agarwal
4 min readMar 27, 2021

▸ Are you working really hard and still not getting the job done?
▸ Are you putting in your 100%, still at the end of the day you feel frustrated?
▸ You plans the targets for the day and no matter how hard you try, all items in the list do not get struck off?


When these things happen to you, how do you feel about yourself? What happens to your self-esteem, self-worth, your confidence and your mindset? What does your inner voice tell you? I am sure none of it is pleasant. I know this because I have gone through these similar situations and feelings in my life on a repeat mode.

I will share with you what I learnt. I am sure that my learning will enable you to cross many steps, mistakes and hard work that I had to go through.

The most important lesson that I learnt was the importance of Mindfulness at work.

Being mindful at the workplace means applying focus and being aware of every action you take in your workplace, whether it’s a corporate office, or a shop you run or your personal space you have created at your home or your garage.

Mindfulness is an act of being attentive at the present moment keeping away all the thoughts of the past and future aside. It helps to increase effectiveness, decrease mistakes and improve creativity. Here are some tips which you can use to enhance your mindfulness at your workplace:

Fill breaks with mindful activities:

Whenever you are getting any break just try to get indulge in some mindful activities that can bring you to focus and calm your mind down from the hustle and bustle of your everyday work. Spend a few breaks thinking about what you are feeling and if you are going low with your emotions try to figure a way out as it is going to affect your overall work.

  • Solve a Sudoku
  • Play with a Rubik’s cube
  • Listen to some calming and nice music or a Podcast
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Sketch or do stuff that feeds your mind with joy and creativity.

Be conscious: Keep a track of everything.

What is going around you and what is going inside you. Keep control of yourself and mark your words before speaking. You never know how your words can be twisted for another purpose. To be mindful at work means to be consciously present in what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, as well as managing your mental and emotional state. Being conscious is important for being mindful. Listen to actually listen and not just to reply. Think, before you speak, the words that will come out of your mouth will always add value. These small things can create so much difference.

Be a single tasker:

Don’t try to do multiple tasks at a time. This will mess up your work and you will start missing the deadline. Over multitasking often brings unproductivity and inefficiency. Try to take one task at a time and complete it. Go for another afterword. This will make your work systemized and will help you to achieve tasks effectively.

Use mindful reminders:

People often keep forgetting about being mindful and that is just because they are already lost in their thoughts out of habit. Creativity cannot be bought up if you are not fully awake or present. By using some simple reminders you can come out of your unconscious state, the moment of the day when you stop thinking about things and keep them going on the way they are. Try to set an alarm or paste a sticky note on your desk which can keep reminding you of being mindful.

The most important thing is, for the first 30 minutes of your work time, sit mindfully and silently with a pen in one hand and your diary in another. A cup of your favourite coffee too would be great. Plan your work day and activities with 100% clarity, mindfully. At the bottom, write down the reward you will give yourself at the end of the day when you get all your work done. Then do not shift your focus here or there. The results will be phenomenal.



Ritu Bihani Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal brings you episodes on Mindfulness and Holistic Life. Ritu is a certified Mental Health Practitioner and a Life Coach.