I give 100% at work, still… Why?

▸ Are you working really hard and still not getting the job done?
▸ Are you putting in your 100%, still at the end of the day you feel frustrated?
▸ You plans the targets for the day and no matter how hard you try, all items in the list do not get struck off?


Fill breaks with mindful activities:

  • Solve a Sudoku
  • Play with a Rubik’s cube
  • Listen to some calming and nice music or a Podcast
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Sketch or do stuff that feeds your mind with joy and creativity.

Be conscious: Keep a track of everything.

Be a single tasker:

Use mindful reminders:

The most important thing is, for the first 30 minutes of your work time, sit mindfully and silently with a pen in one hand and your diary in another. A cup of your favourite coffee too would be great. Plan your work day and activities with 100% clarity, mindfully. At the bottom, write down the reward you will give yourself at the end of the day when you get all your work done. Then do not shift your focus here or there. The results will be phenomenal.