Easier done than said

Ritu Bihani Agarwal
5 min readJan 25, 2021


This blog is somewhat linked to the last one — ‘Magic pill of the Will’, where I had written about how humans are the only ones who have the power to choose and exercise will power to live by the choices they are free to make. Further contemplation on this line of thought brings up another question — What about the Natural Law?

Now what is the Natural Law?

Without getting too deep into it or making it complicated, I think the easiest way to put it would be that it is a prevailing unwritten law common to all humans and derived from nature rather than from the rules of society. It is simply there, whether we follow it or not and know about it or not.

Now the question comes up, how is it linked to my free will or to the choices I make?

Laws of Living

Irrespective of what you choose and whether you exercise your will power or not or whether you overindulge or get addicted to something, the natural laws take their course. These laws tell us about the modes of contact with the world of objects around us so that we can have a more harmonious existence in tune with nature. When there is intelligent appreciation and faithful observance to these laws, the experience of this journey called life is further heightened, because you are living your life in tune and in consonance with the laws of nature.

To explain it very simply let’s look at the example of electricity. You have complete free will to choose how you want to use electricity in your home. If the laws of electricity are followed, then it can be used to watch television, listen to some music, create a cool atmosphere in your home and also to cook food. Nonetheless if the basic laws of electricity are not adhered to, then it can cook you instead of the food and bring the entire house down.

Similarly if you choose unhealthy lifestyle, your body is bound to become your enemy. If you choose to smoke mindlessly everyday, you are bound to have huge medical bills. If you choose to talk nasty behind everyone’s back, you are bound to have relationship issues in your life. If you choose to binge watch all the violent series on every platform, your mind is bound to become your adversary. Our choices not only affect us, they also have the power to affect the lives of others including the planet we live in. That’s the power of our choices.

Easier done than said

Independence to choose is the very essence of humanity. It is one thing that we humans are born with. Now, you can tell me that I did not choose to be married to a man that beats me or one who is abusive to my children. Sorry to be a little in your face and to be so blunt to say this, but yes, you are the one who chose this for yourself. Whether to remain in such a situation or come out of it, is your choice too.

I had this friend, who was in an abusive relationship where her husband made her feel worthless and he was brazenly having affairs with other women. She wanted to walk out of the relationship, but was extremely worried about the future of her teenage son. She was a stay at home mother and had no source of income of her own to support her son and herself.

She received so much unwanted advice from her ‘well-wishers’:

· Leave the brute and make a life of your own.
· Have a bit of patience, wait a little longer, let your son settle down first.
· Simply file a case of domestic abuse against him and give him what he deserves.

It did not help her at all. While everyone could understand what she was going through, no one could actually feel what she was feeling. Her fears, doubts and worries were her very own. She got further confused.

One of the natural laws is that if one is not peaceful and content herself, she cannot bring peace or joy in anyone’s life. The son who she was trying to protect, was the one who was going astray and getting confused with his life.

To cut a long story short, she finally took the step she thought best for her and filed for divorce, won the case and got the well-deserved alimony to see herself and her son through for a few years. In fact, when her focus shifted towards respecting herself and increasing her self-worth, her life transformed. She started living in harmony with Nature. Now she is a successful interior designer and her son is studying in the states.

A person who has gained mastery over the mind and exercises the faculty of choice wisely backed with the firewall of will power, in concord with the natural law will make life a joyful and enjoyable experience.

Believe me it is not easier said than done. This is a talk that can be walked. It only requires the right intention, some knowledge, few practices and a helping hand. It is easier done than said.



Ritu Bihani Agarwal

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