Another Brick in the Wall

Ritu Bihani Agarwal
3 min readFeb 27, 2021


Just like the many series playing on so many online platforms nowadays, life too is a series with multiple seasons. Life is a series of experiences moment to moment, year after year. Now, whether your life will be a blockbuster or a rotten tomato, depends on how you direct the series.

Our experiences decide whether we will be happy or sad, angry or peaceful, jealous or content and so on. Just like a brick is a unit of a wall, experience is the unit of life. The strength and weakness of the wall depends on the quality and texture of the bricks used in its construction. Similarly, experiences being the unit of life determines the type of life an individual will lead. Every experience is just another brick in the wall. The solution to the problems of life therefore lies in streamlining the experiences.

The Fantastic Four

For better understanding we need to dissect and understand who is the Experiencer. Believe me, this knowledge is extremely powerful. When I studied this, it revealed such deeper meaning of life’s experiences to me. Normally we are living our life on auto pilot mode without mindfully realizing what is going on. True knowledge of this deep understanding will bring full control in your hands.

The experiencer is a structure of four different personality aspects, which I would like to call The Fantastic Four: -

· Physical
· Emotional
· Intellectual
· Spiritual

When the Experiencer comes in contact with an object, he does so with these four distinct instruments of experience operating from the four layers of his personality within.

Let’s look at an example for an easier understanding. If a strawberry cheesecake is offered rudely to an individual how do you thing the four entities of his personality will react?

  • The physical aspect of the personality will rush to wantonly eat the cheesecake as his mouth starts watering.
  • However, the emotional personality in him resists because he has been offered the cake rudely.
  • Intellectual factor in him analyses and decides that since he is a diabetic, he should not indulge in the cake as it will spoil his health.
  • Lastly his spiritual personality prevents him to eat irregularly and avoid excessive and unintelligent indulgence in sense enjoyment and directs him to develop self-control.

The Experiencer is like a car with four driving seats being driven by four drivers in four different directions. It sounds so crazy. Nonetheless, this is how our personality is perceiving experiences and deciding whether it will give us joy or grief.

You see, when these different aspects of personality in an individual comes in contact with a situation the merger may result in a satisfaction for one or two layers while producing discontent for the remaining layers. Merger which is not homogenous causes the Experiencer to suffer and creates stress in his day to day life. Series of such experiences will make him the unsuccessful producer of the worst series of the show of his life and may lead to issues of depression, anxiety, addictions, which is the malady of today’s world. Your life show will be a flop-show.

Alternately, when the four entities can be integrated into one harmonized whole, the varied experiences of life can create a blockbuster which will lead to living life to its full potential and zenith. Greater the integration, lesser the challenges of the randomness of life’s experiences.

Living more mindfully with awareness, knowing yourself truly and having clear visions, goals and processes to achieve those goals helps you to operate harmoniously and create the blockbuster.



Ritu Bihani Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal brings you episodes on Mindfulness and Holistic Life. Ritu is a certified Mental Health Practitioner and a Life Coach.